3M Peltor Lumberjack Kit

Hardhat with Mounted steel visor and ear muffs

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Stainless Steel Headband for Longer Lifespan
For noise levels up to 25 dBa
For Use when conventional Ear Plugs or Muffs Are Not Usable


The 3M Peltor Lumberjack Kit is an all in one Head, Face, and Hearing protection setup. The kit includes a 3M Hardhat with attached ear muffs and a steel mesh visor for added face protection. With 23dBa hearing protection, you are covered for use with a running chainsaw. The hard hat is a CSA certified 3M non-vented cap style, with a 4 point ratcheting system.

This setup was designed specifically for use in the forestry, woodcutting, and agriculture industries. Meeting the required codes for work in most situations.

ANSI Z87.1