COVID-19 Return to Work

Timeline: 1 Week | Average Investment $500

Returning to Work Safely

As workplaces re-open, it is important to understand new restrictions that may have changed how your workers and customers interact with each other. It is also important to understand and implement new protective measures that are required to ensure proper protection of anyone who interacts with your business.

We can provide guidance for re-opening your workplace while complying with federal and provincial restrictions and industry best practices to ensure compliance and peace of mind. This includes providing a customized COVID-19 Safe Workplace policy that protects you, your staff and your customers as you return to work or continue with essential service provision.

Package Includes:

Initial Consultation
Program Amendment
Employee/Client Screening Procedures
Distancing and Max Occupancy Policy
PPE & Sanitization Policy
Worker Training

How can we help?

Next Steps

  1. Prior to any work beginning, we will meet with you to discuss your needs and craft a proposal for work to be completed ensuring our plan and your requirements are aligned.
  2. Create a plan outlining the requirements to resume work.
  3. Complete policy and program updates.
  4. Provide further recommendations for ongoing success.

Preventing & Reducing Future Downtime

Our first priority is to remove any obstruction preventing you and your staff from returning to work in a manner that is safe for your workers and customers. 

Our goal is always to help our clients reach a place of self-reliance with a well-developed health and safety program, and a variety of cost-effective training options. But we are ready to assist in the short or long term as you build a culture of safety in your workplace.

We offer additional services that can assist in the effective implementation and maintenance of your health and safety program: